Vision, Mission & Functions2018-05-19T14:43:31+00:00
  • Vision

To be a comprehensive and reliable source of civil registration records and vital statistics.

  • Mission Statement

To create, maintain and preserve records of all births and deaths occurring in Kenya and of Kenyans abroad for planning, research and enhancement of national security.

  • Civil Registration Function
  1. To register all births and deaths that occur in Kenya and those of Kenyans occurring abroad;
  2. To preserve, secure, maintain and update births and deaths records;
  3. To issue birth and death certificates to members of the public;
  4. To process vital statistics annually from births and deaths records created thereof;
  5. To carry out recognition and re-registration upon legitimization
  6. To undertake any other function in relation to birth and death registration as may be directed from time to time or as the law may require;