The Directorate operates under five functional departments, namely;

  • National Registration Bureau

      The core functions of the Department are;

    • Identification and registration of all Kenyans who have attained the age of 18 years and above.
    • Production and issuance of secure identification documents.
    • Management of a comprehensive data base of all registered persons.
    • Detection and prevention of all illegal registration.

    Department of Refugee Affairs

      The core functions of the department include;

    • Registration and refugee status determination.
    • Coordination of provision of services to refugees.
    • Issuance of identification cards and movement passes to refugees in the country.
    • Issuance of Conventional Travel Documents (Refugee passports) to facilitate refugees travel.
    • Management of refugee camps, reception and transit centers
    • Making recommendations for class M work permits to enable refugees work and engage in business for subsistence and issuing Exit stamps for those exiting Kenya.
    • Co ordination of assistance to host communities through micro economic ventures.

    Civil Registration Department

      The core functions of the department include;

    • Registration of births and deaths
    • Preservation, security and custody of births and deaths certificates.
    • Processing of vital statistics for births and deaths.
    • Re registration upon legitimation and recognition.

    Department of Immigration Services

      The core functions of the department include;

    • Formulation of national migration policy and review of Immigration laws and regulations
    • Control and regulation of entry and exit of all persons and removal of prohibited immigrants.
    • Issuance of Kenya passports and other travel documents
    • The control and regulation of residency through issuance and renewal of entry/ work permits and other passes; issuance of entry visas; the granting of Kenya Citizenship to qualifying foreigners and the registration of all non citizens resident in Kenya.
    • Provision of consular services to nationals and foreigners at Kenya mission abroad.
    • Enforcement of the relevant acts.

    The Integrated Population Registration System

      The core functions of the department include;

    • Management of the Integrated population registration system
    • Operating and maintaining a reliable population registration system.
    • Custodian of a national population register (NPR) for all Kenyans and foreigners resident in Kenya.


Rollout of e-Passport

This is to inform the General Public that as from 1st September 2017, the department will start issuing the Kenyan East African Passport. For more information click here

Temporary Permit Passport Applications

This is to inform the General Public that as from 1st July 2016, all Temporary Permit Applications will be made Via Manual Applications will not be accepted.

ADVERT on Temporary Permit Passport Applications


This is to inform the general public that the department is in the process of having all foreign national services go online. To ensure smooth transition we shall start to pilot with the permits and passes applications from 1st march 2016. You will be notified later when the other services like Alien Cards, Permanent Residency (PR) and Kenya Citizenship applications will commence online. Please note accordingly. For more information Click Here


The Government Of Kenya has waived visa fees for all children aged 16 years and below who are accompanying their parents to Kenya. Effective Date 1st February 2016.


This is to notify the General Public that the following website and email are not the official online visa application website. 1. is not the Kenyan government website for online visa applications it is a Scam Evisa Application Website. The Government website for online visas application is 2. The following email is also not the official communication email For further clarifications visit the Immigration Offices at Nyayo house 6TH Floor Visa Section Email: Call: 020 2222022

This is to inform the General Public that as from 15th April 2015,
all Passport Applications will be made Via Manual Applications will not be accepted.

Online e-Visa and the manual Visa Applications will continue to run concurrently until
further notice. Online visa application for Kenya can be made via

Click for more more information


Directorate of immigration and registration of persons